Faculty Director

Miroslav Volf 

Founder and Director, Yale Center for Faith and Culture; Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology, Yale Divinity School

Miroslav Volf was educated in his native Croatia, the United States, and Germany. He earned doctoral and post-doctoral degrees (with highest honors) from the University of Tuebingen, Germany. He has written or edited more than 20 books and over 90 scholarly articles. His most significant books include Exclusion and Embrace (1996); After Our Likeness (1998) in which he explores the Trinitarian nature of ecclesial community; Allah: A Christian Response (2011), on whether Muslims and Christians have a common God; and A Public Faith: On How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good (2011). In October 2007, Professor Volf was the lead author of the Christian response to “A Common Word Between Us and You,” the historic open letter signed by 138 Muslim scholars, clerics, and intellectuals, which identified some core common ground at the heart of the Christian and Muslim faiths. The “Yale response,” as this response to “A Common Word” has become known, was published in November 2007 as a full-page advertisement in the New York Times, signed by more than 130 prominent Christian leaders and scholars.

Exclusive conversation with Miroslav Volf for the Life Worth Living Retreat at Yale University

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Matthew Croasmun

Associate Research Scholar, Yale Divinity School

Matt Croasmun is Associate Research Scholar, Director of the Life Worth Living Program (undergraduate) at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture, and Lecturer of Divinity & Humanities at Yale University. He began working with YCFC after completing his Ph.D. in Religious Studies (New Testament) at Yale in 2014. While a doctoral student, he and his wife, Hannah, planted and pastored the Elm City Vineyard Church, a dynamic, diverse, urban church in the heart of New Haven, CT. With deep grounding in both the church and the academy, Matt brings to all of his work a passion for the intersection of the life of faith and the life of the mind. An advocate of interfaith dialogue, Matt has facilitated sacred text readings of the New Testament and Quran in partnership with local churches and mosques. He also serves as a faculty advisor for the Yale Humanist Community and the Life Worth Living Fellows.

Exclusive conversation with Matt Croasmun for the Life Worth Living Retreat at Yale University

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Angela Gorrell

Associate Research Scholar, Yale Divinity School

Angela is Associate Research Scholar for Evaluation, Field Development, and Public Engagement. Angela completed her Ph.D. in Practical Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, where she earned her M.Div. in 2010. Her dissertation explores “Social Media, Churches, and Christian Formation.” Angela’s research interests concentrate on contemporary ecclesiology and culture and participatory pedagogy, especially through new venues. She has already taught courses at Fuller and McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago using multiple formats: in-person, online, and hybrid courses. Recently, she was part of a team of scholars from five seminaries who received a Wabash grant to examine the relationship between education, innovation, and agility. Angela is an ordained pastor in the Mennonite Church USA and has 14 years of ministry experience at churches and parachurch organizations. 

Exclusive conversation with Angela Gorrell for the Life Worth Living Retreat at Yale University

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Ryan McAnnally-Linz

Associate Research Scholar, Yale Divinity School

Ryan McAnnally-Linz is co-author, with Miroslav Volf, of Public Faith in Action: How to Think Critically, Engage Wisely, and Vote with Integrity (Brazos, June 2016) and author of various scholarly and popular articles on systematic theology, political theology, and humanities education in Modern Theology, The Journal of Religion, Sojourners, and other periodicals. He manages research for the Theology of Joy and the Good Life Project and co-teaches the Center’s Life Worth Living seminar. Ryan began working at the Center in 2009, as a Master student at Yale Divinity School (MAR 2010), and continued throughout his doctoral program (PhD, Religious Studies 2016), working on projects including A Public Faith and Flourishing: Why We Need Religion in a Globalized World.

Exclusive conversation with Ryan McAnnally-Linz for the Life Worth Living Retreat at Yale University

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